Fun by Nate Polta

by Lemonade Art Gallery


An acrylic print by travel photographer, Nate Polta.

Location: Phong Nha, Vietnam

Date: August 2014

About the photo: This shot features a little boy jumping off a water buffalo outside of the town of Phong Nha in Central Vietnam. I was riding my motorbike along the river and met a family taking their water buffalos down to the river. I followed along with them and shared this moment with the boy. Water buffalos are considered a family animal, and the children grow up with them as we would dogs. The buffalos are protective of the family and the family of the buffalo. The following is some mythical history to the water buffalo:

Once upon a time, to help Vietnamese people, God was assigned an angel to descend in Vietnam with 2 bags, 1 filled with cereal seeds to feed people and other with grass seeds for the cattle. The angel was advised to show the cereal seeds first, and the grass ones next. Being so absent-minded, he forgot the recommendation by doing the opposite: Grass seeds first and then cereal seeds later. That is why Vietnam was covered with so much grass and forests that the peasants had to make the complaint to Heaven. Furious, God condemned the angel to exile by turning him into a buffalo and sent him to Vietnam. That is the reason why Buffalo was compelled to spend all days long munching grass and pulling the plow to pay for his error."

What 's an Acrylic Print? This photo is printed on clear, digital grade acrylic measuring .220" thick. Our Acrylic Prints come standard with a recessed float mount frame ready to hang on the wall. With the inset frame, each print has the appearance of magically floating ½” off the wall. Most Acrylic Prints suck but it’s almost absurd how sharp these look. They are printed directly onto the acrylic substrate, unlike other acrylics. They’re also easy to clean. Just buff with a microfiber cloth and you are good to go.

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