by Catherine Kirkland


–By Catherine Kirkland


The Canvas Print is built with a solid, supported front which prevents warping.

  • 1.25 in. Canvas Depth
  • Finished Backing
  • Corner Bumpers
  • Metal Screw Fasteners

The Canvas Frame is sourced and made locally from quality, North American poplar wood, and is available in black and white.

  • 1.75" Frame Depth
  • Ship Ready to hang
  • Finished Backing
  • Includes Corner Bumpers

Giclee Print - Giclee Print on high-quality archival paper.

    All art ships ready to hang.*

    Finished backing, hanging hardware, and bumper corners come standard. *Except limited edition prints from Lococo Fine Art, Inc. 

    Worth the wait.

    Each print is made-to-order. We inspect each one to ensure you get the highest quality. Expect 7 - 10 days.