Anjal Soler

Truth in art is difficult to find. For the artist, it means concentration and midnight oil. And in a capitalist society, few have had the leisure and opportunity to acquire both.

Anjal Soler is one of those few.

Now 92 years old, she has dedicated her life to being a mother, businesswoman, inventor, & artist of multiple mediums. Combining ancient with contemporary, organic with abstract, and hand-crafted with digitally rendered, Anjal created a style that is as original and recognizable as an artist can hope for.

Known for paper making, sculptures, jewelry and performance art, Anjal’s quest to unravel the mysteries of angels, saints, and altars are apparent in every single piece she’s created. Over her 50-plus-year career as an artist, Anjal’s work has graced the halls of dozens of art galleries and museums.

Her artwork is empowered by her identity as a woman. She has made significant contributions to the arts and women’s movement of the 21st century with an impact that will echo for many lifetimes.

It is with great honor and privilege that we introduce her and her art to the digital age.

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